Bilingual Preschool in Spanish and French
Developmental /Play based

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Our Philosophy– Learning Through Play

At Language Garden Preschool, we feel learning through play, developmental learning, is the most natural way to receive, store and apply new information.
Play is not a break from learning – it is the way young children learn.
Our bilingual teachers give instruction indirectly. Your child “acquires” new information as opposed to “learning” it. Because preschoolers learn differently from school-age children, play is essential to learning and developing ideas about the world.  Play is not a break from learning – it is the way young children learn!

Researchers are finding more and more connections between children’s play and the learning and social development that helps them succeed in school. For example, pretend play helps children learn to think abstractly and to look at things from someone else’s perspective. Pretend play is also connected to early literacy, mathematical thinking, and problem-solving.

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When Children Play

They test developing ideas with objects, people and situation – the key ability for academic learning.
They develop many kids of skills together – physical, social, emotional and language
They learn from other children and develop social skills by playing together.

Explore, Get Dirty, Have Fun

We facilitate your child’s freedom to explore and investigate the world around them.  This means children will get their hands dirty. Teachers and TAs facilitate this exploration as well as provide students with specific areas of focus – daily guided activities, a different one each day – focusing on Art, Music, STEM along with Social and Emotional Intelligence.