Our program offers a rich, interdisciplinary bilingual experience for children at an age when they are developmentally best able to acquire a second language.

Why Learn a Second Language in Preschool?

Children Who Start Early To Learn A Second Language:

  • develop a high degree of proficiency in the language
  • are better able to reproduce a native accent
  • will actually build new synapses in response to language experiences
  • do better in other seemingly unrelated areas such as mathematics and logic
  • increase critical thinking skills, creativity, and flexibility of cognitive functions

Contact Information

1067 So. Fairfax Ave.
Los Angeles, California 90019
Office: 323-930-1527

Summer Camp - August 3rd - 14th

Yo-ho-ho and a Whole Bunch of Fun!

Ah-hoy Maties! Come sail with our crew as we search the seven seas for treasure and a swashbuckling good time. Our buccaneers will make gold coins, build a treasure box, design a telescope, learn how to read a compass and say, "Arrr"!. So step lively and come cast off with us as we we swagger our way to good time. READ MORE