Our program offers a rich, interdisciplinary bilingual experience for children at an age when they are developmentally best able to acquire a second language.

Why Learn a Second Language in Preschool?

Children who start early to learn a second language

  • develop a high degree of proficiency in the language
  • are better able to reproduce a native accent
  • will actually build new synapses in response to language experiences
  • do better in other seemingly unrelated areas such as mathematics and logic
  • increase critical thinking skills, creativity, and flexibility of cognitive functions

Contact Information

1067 So. Fairfax Ave.
Los Angeles, California 90019
Office: (323) 930-1527

Calendar of Activities

Come Join Us For
Our Saturday Reading Hour

10am - 11am

Join us on select Saturdays for for an hour of stories, music and craft fun! $5-dollar donation per family. May 17th, June 14th

August Summer Session
Aug. 1st - 15th

Looking for some language fun in August? Read More

Mommy and Me
Next Session: May 3rd - May 31st

Mommy & Me classes provide just the right amount of structured activities to stimulate a toddler’s senses and teach them valuable social and language skills – all while having fun!

Classes are held on the weekends from 11-noon. Read More

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